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About Us

Our Roots


The Christian Church has its roots in Kentucky, during the Second Great Awakening in the early 1800's. Revival broke out at Cane Ridge in Bourbon County, fifty miles to the north of Wilmore. Thousands of people converged to witness this great move of God. One outcome of the revival was the abandonment of separate denominational creeds;  and some in the movement believed that all followers of Jesus Christ should simply be called “Christians.” Here is a link to a Wikipedia article, describing the "Restoration Movement."


This emphasis on unity among Christians gave rise to the notion that all churches should be self-governed by their own congre-gations. Therefore, Christian Churches remain independent to this day. In 1906, the group calling themselves “Disciples of Christ” separated from the Christian Churches, and today the two church groups are distinct.  The Wilmore Christian Church remained part of the original movement.

Our Building


WCC was founded May 26, 1889. The building was dedicated June 9 of the same year, and the service was attended by at least 1,500 people. The original structure had coal oil lamps and wood stove heat, and the two front doors originally led directly to the two aisles which separated three sections of pews, a long one in the center, and shorter ones on the sides.


The Christian Church tradition is one of simplicity; therefore the Wilmore Christian Church building has no ornate stained glass windows and no steeple. In the 1800s when the church was founded, these were considered to be ostentatious. The original glass windows were painted with a decorative marbled finish, and replaced in the 1950s with the current colored glass. The WCC sanctuary is a good representation of the spiritual discipline of simplicity.


In the 1950s remodeling, the Sunday School addition was added to the back of the building, and for the first time the church had indoor restrooms! Remodeled again in 1980s, new pews were purchased, giving the church a center aisle for the first time. The original pulpit and elder chairs were refinished to their natural oak color. Air conditioning was added, along with new carpeting and vinyl siding. 


Although thoroughly modern, the  WCC building retains its historical character, and has provided years of shelter and meaningful gatherings to many generations.



Our Faith and Practices


WCC is a Protestant church in the tradition of the Restoration Movement. For clarification of what we specifically believe, we invite you to read our Statement of Faith.  Wilmore Christian Church is a body of believers that draws strength from traditional practices, but infuses them with modern meaning. Music blends traditional hymns with more modern songs. We recite the Lord's Prayer together, and sing the Gloria  Patri and the Doxology.


Christian Church worship includes the weekly celebration of communion. Worshippers are invited to acknowledge their faults and sins, to remember the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, to remember their baptism (practiced in our tradition by immersion), and to give thanks for God’s redeeming love. Because we believe that the invitation to the Lord’s Table comes from Jesus Christ, communion is open to all who confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, regardless of their denominational affiliation.


It is our very sincere desire to welcome people from all walks of life, to express to them our love and the love of Christ, and to fellowship with them in a meaningful celebration of worship.